Boarding house and hotel at the former Kühne area

10.000 m²Usable area
220 Hotel rooms
44 Boardinghouse apartments
79 Parking spaces
August 2021 Opening


Under the name Kühnehöfe a Moxy-Hotel and a Residence Inn boarding house are being built in Hamburg-Altona. The object in Kühnehöfen 10 will provide space for 220 hotel rooms and 44 boarding house apartments on approx. 10.000 sqm of floor space. A lease contract for 25 years has already been concluded with the Odyssey Hotel Group GmbH. The opening took place in August 2021.

Project progress
    • 100%

Author: Odyssey Hotel Group GmbH

More information: +49 (0) 203 . 44 06 90 - 99